Hmmm… Those lovely folks at Microsoft are at it again. This time trying to break my lovely Linux system by killing my bootloader - the clever bit of software which lets you choose whether to boot into Linux or Windows. Cheers guys! You’re real sweet!

I bought my machine with Vista pre-installed with about 50 gig spare for Linux. I installed OpenSuse 10.2 into this space, which uses a little program called GRUB to switch between the Windows Vista and OpenSuse Linux when you start up the computer. Somehow Vista managed to overwrite this - I don’t know how, as I installed Linux second, but anyway in order to fix you need to do the following

1.) Get yourself a LIVE Linux CD (ie. a linux system that boots of a CD with requiring it be installed on your harddrive). I used the OpenSuse 10.2 Live CD 2.) Boot from this disk and then folllow the brief instructions at the following link. Even though it outlines the process for Ubuntu (a different Linux distribution), it works just as well for OpenSuse 10.2

Happy hacking!