A big congratulations goes to Sun Microsystems, who have finally open sourced Java - under the GPL, if you don’t mind. This is the move that will finally stop me criticising them so I’ll shut up now. In addition, they’ve very kindly given me permission to use their Joint Copyright Agreement for my Frogface project (just thought I’d plug that one again!) which is ticking along nicely on www.sourceforge.net/projects/frogface

Man of the moment is Ganesh, who’s managed to submit the first non-me patch to the Frogface codebase and, along with all the other Frogface developers, has demonstrated great patience as the project gets up on its feet!

Finally, a big shout goes out to Vee who’s working her little socks off studying at the moment. All she’s missing is the hang’n’cheese sandwiches to complete the student lifestyle - mainly cause she doesn’t have the time to make them!!!